9 Celebrities Who Seem To Hate The Paparazzi The Most

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Celebrities are well known for not liking the paparazzi. 

I mean, why wouldn’t they? They’re annoying, follow them everywhere and snap the most unflattering photos. 

Now, while they dislike them, most celebrities don’t do anything to them. Notice I say most. When faced with the presence of a pap, the celebs on this list get pissed. And then they get even. And then, usually, they get arrested.

1. Kanye West

Kanye West is well known for his hot temper and has gotten into altercations with the paparazzi many different times. 

Kanye has smashed paparazzi’s cameras, gotten verbally abusive with them and even was arrested by police for the incident. But it looks like he will never change his ways.

2. Sean Penn

Oscar winner Sean Penn has a history of getting SUPER violent with the paparazzi. 

The dude literally shot (as in, a gun) at the helicopters surrounding he and Madonna’s wedding ceremony in the '80s. He once dangled a photog from a 9th floor balcony and was charged with attempted murder. 

He's lost multiple lawsuits relating to broken cameras. He’s been charged with assault and battery after hitting a pap with a rock. 

He loves to kick people. Why the hell, I ask, are paps still trying to take his picture? The man’s insane!

3. Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber has gotten physical with the paparazzi time and time again. 

He is known for throwing his shoe at a photographer whose car was blocking his vehicle. He has also screamed at the photographers, pushed them, hit and kicked at them and has even gone so far as to spit on them. 

Bieber is out of control.

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