9 Bizarre Inventions That Should Probably Stay in 2015

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Saving time and making our lives easier are the main tasks of the modern gadgets, especially when it comes to daily uses.

But there’re some inventions that really should stay in 2015.

1. Flatulence-filtering Underwear

A British clothing manufacturer named Shreddies has designed a range of briefs and boxers that use chemical technology to filter unwanted gas.

 The thin and flexible cloth contains Zorflex — the same activated carbon material used in chemical warfare suits. 

The Leicester-based company says, “We know fart pants, pajamas, and jeans are funny, but we also know we have a product that really helps people with serious medical issues such as irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s disease, or ulcerative colitis.”

2. Selfie Toasters

Hammacher Schlemmer released an appliance that brands its owner’s image onto a slice of bread. 

Using custom heating inserts crafted from a submitted headshot, a subject’s full facial details are converted into twin removable stainless steel inserts, allowing its heating elements to brown the subject onto one side of toast.

3. Breathometer Mints

This device tells you when your mouth isn’t as fresh as it could be. 

Described as the first wireless oral health smartphone device, the pocket-sized device enables users to instantly measure breath quality and hydration levels.

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