9 Anime Openings That Completely Spoil the Show

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7. Monster

The initial opening of Monster shows a pretty different tone to the series than what we are initially presented with. The opening shows a dishevelled Tenma that is worn down and running around with a gun, something so completely the opposite of the calm and composed Tenma we meet in the beginning of the series. 

In fact, it takes a number of episodes before he becomes as feral-looking as he is in the opening, suggesting he is pushed to the limits.

8. Persona 4: The Animation

Like in the game’s opening sequence, the anime spoils a lot of the plot points in the Persona 4 anime, which is kind of terrible considering much of it is built on mystery. 

Not only does it show all of the kidnap victims, but it blows the whole red herring arc on Naoto, since it displays her as actually being a member of the group.


9. Rainbow: Nisha Rokubou no Shinchinin

Rainbow’s opening provides a pretty obvious spoiler that probably was not counting on its audience bothering enough to count the characters shown. It is pretty obviously about a group of seven men in post-war Japanese prison. 

However, it shows a scene with the men outside of prison in normal clothes. Since they didn’t know each other before, it is pretty obvious that it happens after. Of course, there are only six men in that scene instead of the seven in prison, so… Obviously, one does not make it out.

Know any more anime openings that spoiled the ending of the show? Most likely. We excluded a lot of openings for only minor spoilers, but there really are like…hundreds, if not thousands of them.

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