8 Things You Need to Know Before Watching Dragon Ball Super

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5. ...and the Resurrection F movie are also important

This sequel to Battle of the Gods successfully hit the US cinema.

In the movie, some idiot dickmunch used the Dragon Balls to wish Frieza back to life.

That, and there are some new forms in play -- Frieza has a special Gold Mode, and Goku/Vegeta manage to achieve the next step in their evolution.

6. There are alternate dimensions

Highlighted in red in the bottom right corner, you can see a Dragon Ball emblazoned with what is clearly nine stars.

It's kind of mindblowing, considering that we know there are only seven Dragon Balls.

The implications of a ninth (or tenth, or eleventh) ball are staggering. How many balls are there, exactly?

7. We might be looking at 100 episodes

AnimeNewsNetwork has picked up on a listing on Toei Europe's official site that indicated Dragon Ball Super would run for 100 episodes.

The page has since been altered, so it's unclear as to whether someone jumped the gun with spoilers or that number was just a placeholder.

But if any series can pad out several dozen episodes with power-up screams, it's Dragon Ball.

8. Goku is close to 50-years-old

Due to his Saiyan heritage and incredible physical conditioning, Goku looks and performs like a man in his prime.

Also, Goku died twice in "Dragon Ball Z," so his body didn't age for the nearly eight years he spent without his physical form.

By the end of "Dragon Ball Z" Goku is chronologically 47-years-old. How times flies!

(source: dorkly)

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