8 Tech Gadgets Unbelievably Funny But Probably Useless

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Who came up with these ideas?

Gadgets are invented to make our life easier, or at least a little more interesting. However, not all of them find their customers because of the uselessness and queerness of a device idea. Here is the roundup of tech gadgets which would hardly never become a market sensation.

1. USB mouse with digital scale

Do you often need to weigh small items while using a PC? I never. Maybe, such a mouse would be a handy gadget for drug dealers or jewelers, as it handles a weight from 0.1 gram to 500 grams.

The only plus is that it has a front section which can hide scale and turn it into an ordinary mouse.

2. iPod toilet dock

If you want to listen to music in every moment of your life, this gadget is for you. Conveniently installed over any toilet paper roll holder, this dock ensures that only pleasant sounds will be heard from your lavatory.

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3. Foot tanner

Are there any people who can’t show up at the beach with white feet? There should be some, otherwise we wouldn’t have such a gadget.

4. Laptop steering wheel desk

Using a laptop while driving a car isn’t a good idea, unless a car isn’t your working place or home. Maybe wheel desk will be a nice present for metropolians who used to multitask on the way, still I’d rather refuse it because of the accident danger it may cause.

5. Springflex exercise machine

Why not exercise while being online? It’s easily attached onto a desk and lets do over 120 exercises for upper body, so it’s a perfect standby for watching movies.

6. Head massager

Everyone loves massage. Head massages are particularly lovely, but a giant head-massaging helmet, equipped with 29 silicon and 34 ceramic balls, looks more than weird.

7. Electronic bubble wrap

Show me anyone who doesn’t love popping bubble wrap. Thanks to the miracles of modern science, you can pop bubble wrap anywhere, anytime, with this electronic bubble wrap key chain.

8. Retro cellphone handset

Retro lovers, perhaps, would appreciate this utterly useless gadget which takes you back to 1950s in the age of cell phones, hands free sets, and loudspeakers. But the handset is a few times larger than the phone itself.

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