8 Surprising Celebs Who Invented Stuff That You Actually Use Right Now

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Who would have guessed that celebrities are more than just pretty faces - they actually invent stuff too.

For example, one certain Hollywood starlet invented technology that led to GPS, bluetooth and Wi-Fi! See which of your favorite celebrities have created items that you can actually use right now!

1. Michael Jackson - Anti-Gravity Shoes

Turns out Michael Jackson patented the shoes that allowed him to pull off this seemingly impossible feat. The famous shoes actually had moveable heels that could fit into the stage, allowing the wearer to lean so far forward.


2. Julie Newmar - Cheeky Derriere

Julie Newmar's patented pants came about in response to the growing trend of women wearing pantyhose in the 70's. She said the pants "make your derriere look like an apple instead of a ham sandwich."

3. Jamie Lee Curtis - Infant Garment

The "Halloween" heartthrob designed and patented a disposable diaper that includes a moisture-proof pocket containing baby wipes.

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