8 Photos Prove Victoria Beckham Can Actually Smile

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Victoria Beckham’s smile is so elusive, in fact, that when you search the name “Victoria Beckham” on Google, one of the first suggestions of what you may be looking for is “Victoria Beckham smiling” and subsequent variations on that search.

Victoria Beckham
As a result, we’ve compiled a little collection of all the lovely photos we can find of Mrs. Beckham showing off her grin.

Let’s start with a half-smile.

And move onto this gorgeous, full-blown smile that David Beckham posted on his Facebook.

Victoria and David looking precious all dressed up.

Performing at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

Adorable anticipation.

Subtle but friendly.

I can’t tell if she’s trying to be warmer or colder.

Even though she is covering her mouth here, we are 99% certain that there is an excellent smile under there.

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