8 New Hollywood Icons That Are Going to Beat the Old Ones

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We're here to make our own list of new Hollywood actors who perform in great movies and break thousands of girls' hearts, and we would like to know if you agree with us. Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp - beware!

1. Liam Hemsworth, 26

This Prince Charming is the younger brother of Chris Hemsworth. However, he became famous without the help of his star sibling thanks to his role in The Hunger Games. Just look into his eyes!


2. Eddie Redmayne, 35

Redmayne has already beaten many stars - almost every role of his brings him award nominations, and he even got an Oscar for Best Actor in a Leading Role. His terrific charisma is out of this world - just watch any of his movies, and you'll see why he's so beloved by millions.

3. Henry Cavill, 33

One look from this British actor and millions of girls all over the world faint, and his amazing figure made lots of men buy a gym membership. This is probably the best Superman we’ve ever seen.

4. Jake Gyllenhaal, 36

Gyllenhaal has long since proven that he's worthy of a place on Hollywood's Olympus. His latest works (Southpaw, Nocturnal Animals, Demolition) are as great as ever, and his charms have never been doubted.

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