8 Most Ridiculous Female Bodies In Video Games

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For the most part, video games have always been seen as a predominantly male-oriented hobby. 

There’s a pretty good chance that you’ve played a game recently that featured some lady with a gravity-defying rack nestled in a titanium chestplate with a convenient peephole cut in the top. 

And today we’re going to talk about some of the most nonsensical female bodies found in video games. 

1. Sorceress – Dragon’s Crown

Subtlety, thy name is Dragon’s Crown. 

Do the artists of this game know anything about the effects of gravity? Or spines, for that matter?

I mean, look at her! It’s like her hindquarters exist in a totally different universe! She wouldn’t even be able to take a step without having a massive wardrobe malfunction! 

Everything about this character is ridiculous.

2. Taki – Soul Calibur

Aren’t ninjas supposed to be…aerodynamic?

Skintight spandex outfit? Check. Gigantic, wobbling boobies? Check. Ridiculous finishing moves that usually involve lots of groping and rubbing? Checkitty check.

Seriously, all of the environments must be freezing cold because the player doesn’t even have to squint to see…well, you get it. 

There’s a good chance that players spend more time in the Character Viewer mode than actually fighting.

3. Morrigan – Darkstalkers

Darkstalkers is an older, 2D fighting game. Even though the characters were rendered with pixelated 16-bit graphics, it was pretty obvious that their most prominent assets were their bodies, not their combat prowess. 

Morrigan’s outfit of choice is basically a glorified slingshot, and she’s more top-heavy than a candied apple. Felicia is another example of this ridiculousness:

The women of the Darkstalkers series might have bodies straight out of a fantasy, but leaving something…*anything* to the imagination would have been refreshing.

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