8 Ghost Busting Anime to Keep Spooks Away

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5. Ghost Hunt 

Mai is a teenage clairvoyant who, along with her other psychic and spiritualist classmates, investigate paranormal disturbances throughout Japan. 

Despite initial misgivings about her abilities, Mai has the group have a pretty high success rate exorcising child-murdering dolls and tracking down serial voodoo users. 

She does have a nasty habit of falling into pits, namely conjured wells and manholes, but Mai always escapes by the skin of her teeth.

6. Mob Psycho 100 

Mob is our youngest spectral investigator. He knows little about the rules of the supernatural, and unfortunately his mentor is also flying by the seat of his pants. Despite this, Mob can handle most anything spirits throw at him thanks to sheer combat power. 

Got an entire traffic tunnel full of ghosts? No problem. Attacked by another psychic using spiritual kodoku? He'll take the spirits down one right after the other. Mob seems simple but he's nothing if not reliable.

7. Ryoko's Case File 

Anime's own Mulder and Scully, if Scully was snobby police detective and Mulder was her long-suffering subordinate. Together they investigate cases for the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department that cannot be solved by traditional means.

They uncover scientifically-engineered crickets that cause mass suicide, giant salamanders living under a resort, human gene-splicing, apparitions appearing in photographs, and mutant trees. 

Ryoko uses her connections, namely the security company JACES, to handle things when the conspiracies start to get sticky.


8. Demon Fighter Kocho 

Even Devil Hunter Yohko got a more sexual knock-off in Demon Fighter Kocho. The single episode chronicles Kocho's attempt to exorcise a ghost from her school, except it fails because the ghost is female and Kocho's means of exorcism is using her feminine wiles. 

Demon Fighter Kocho isn't unique in its strange premise to set-up nudity. This is the same era that gave us Golden Boy and Kekko Kamen. Needless to say, Kocho spends a fair amount of this OVA topless and less fighting ghosts.

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