8 Ghost Busting Anime to Keep Spooks Away

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When there's something strange in your neighborhood and Dan Aykroyd is busy, there's plenty of competing ghost busters available to take on your ectoplasmic problems. 

Investigating the things that go bump is a time-honored profession in fiction and gets much better results than the static-y recordings and suspicious temperature drops we get from our modern day "ghost hunters." 

Strap yourself in for spooks of all sorts in these 8 anime.

1. Natsume's Book of Friends 

Natsume's Book of Friends is full of many, many friends. The series has its sixth season slated for this year where audiences will again follow Takashi Natsume on his quest to free all the spirits contracted in his deceased grandma's book. 

His ongoing quest puts him up against both dangerous and friendly yōkai that he must fight or otherwise calm so they can be free. 

In the meantime, Natsume also meets new people and rectify what had previously been a lonely life by drumming up the courage to build new friendships. See, Natsume is not only busting literal ghosts, but also emotional ones, too. 


2. Mushi-Shi 

Mushi aren't ghosts, per se, but the most primitive beings still inhabiting Earth. They are invisible to the naked eye, except for the few people gifted with the ability to see them. 

Mushi cause all kinds of supernatural phenomenon that would usually be attributed to yōkai, ghosts, or poltergeists. Some even cause strange maladies to develop in humans that, without the aid of Mushi Master Ginko, would kill them. 

A silver-haired stoic nomad, Ginko travels from place to place fixing problems caused by mushi in a Japan of the near past.

3. Phantom Quest Corps. 

Phantom Quest Corps. is a four-episode OVA by Madhouse that looks an awful lot like Ghost Sweeper Mikami if you squint and tilt your head to the side. 

It also stars a red-head exorcist in a strapless dress and she also wields a laser sword, albeit it grows from a lipstick case. 

Exorcist Ayaka isn't as miserly as her Ghost Sweeper counterpart; she's perpetually broke. This is due to both the limited amount of jobs available for a professional ghost buster and her flagrantly horrible money management.

4. Ghost Sweeper Mikami 

If you're a rough-and-tumble hot 90s anime chick, you own a strapless mini leather dress. If you're Reiko Mikami you also wield a lightsaber and take down Tokyo's growing "homeless spirit" population.

The increase in human development has displaced ghostly residents of the demolished older buildings leading some to haunt where they aren't wanted. Reiko, and her equally 90s-staple boob-crazy sidekick Tadao work for GS (Ghost Sweeper) Mikami. 

The duo tries to beat out the competition in highly sought after profession of Ghost Sweeping with miserly Reiko attempting to overcharge and underpay her way to riches.

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