8 Crazy Things Sports Fans Refuse to Stop Doing

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Fans do a lot of things to express their feelings about a particular team or player.

Sports fans really need to stop going shirtless in below-zero temperatures - and burning jerseys and other craziness in the name of sports passion. These practices are all on the wrong side of sane.

1. Getting Predictive Tattoos

Ahead of the 2015 NBA Finals, one Cleveland Cavaliers fan got a "2015 NBA Champs" tattoo, which turned out to be a false prophecy. What's worse? He later had the tattoo altered to read, "2016 NBA Champs."

Optimism is an admirable quality, but then again, why not just wait until the team has actually won to get the tattoo?

2. Booing Unknown Draft Picks

With the fourth pick in the 2015 NBA draft, the New York Knicks took Kristaps Porzingis, a player fans now know to be a total boss with the fourth-best-selling jersey in the NBA.

At the time of his selection, however, Knicks fans booed the pick mercilessly. And it wasn't the first time fans expressed extreme displeasure over a great player who hadn't yet had a chance to prove himself.

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