8 Amazing Tom Hanks Animal Mash-Ups

3903 People Viewed - about 39 months ago

"Amazing" is probably the best adjective to describe longtime Hollywood actor Tom Hanks. From his legendary roles to his outrageously funny and lighthearted personality, it doesn't get much better than Hanks.

Ever wondered what Tom Hanks would look like as a bird rolling on a tennis ball? Wonder no more!

These images come from a Tumblr page called Tomhanksimals. It is dedicated to bringing the wonder that is Tom Hanks' face on animal bodies to the attention of the internet. Enjoy, and may they inspire you to set your inner animal free.

1. Tom Hanks as a sassy owl

2. Tom Hanks being very ticklish

3. Tom Hanks as a gorilla with a hat

4. Tom hanks as a beautiful horse

5. Tom Hanks doing a turtle wave

6. Tom Hanks freaking out over Nyan Cat

7. Tom Hanks playing the keyboard

8. Tom Hanks is really, really, really amazing

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