7 TV Shows to Get Obsessed With Right Now After Breaking Bad

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Life may seem empty without "Breaking Bad."

But there are plenty of other TV series to dive into. Though nothing can ever replace the now-departed AMC drama, the dozen show below should help start the healing process.

1. House of Cards

As on Breaking Bad, the characters are morally compromised, which makes rooting for anyone a complicated prospect. Because the show was released all at once, it's also ideal for binge-watching.

2. Orange Is the New Black

The protagonist is often unlikable and almost always in over her head. The show deals with heavy themes, but it manages to find the humor in just about everything - remember how funny "Breaking Bad" could be when it wasn't making you panic?

3. Game of Thrones

It's a story drawn out over several seasons, with a rich world that's easy to get lost in. Despite the occasional fantasy element, the focus is on each character's journey.

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