7 Surprisingly Good Anime Every Gamer Needs To Watch

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6. Btooom!

What is this anime about?

Sakamoto Ryota is a deadbeat 22-year-old who won't find a job and spends all his time playing a combat game called Btooom. 

Then, one day, he wakes up on a tropical island and is attacked by another person, who throws a peculiar bomb at him, one that looks like it came straight out of Ryota's favorite game. 

He soon comes to understand he has been placed in a deadly real-life version of the game he spends all his time playing and must use all the virtual skills he has learned over the years and implement them into the real world if he is to survive.

Why is it a good anime for gamer to watch?

We often play violent shooters and multiplayer games for entertainment, but what happens when that game becomes a very real bloodsport? 

Every gamer has wondered how their virtual skills might translate into a real world scenario, and Btooom! explores that idea with gory results. 

Think something akin to the Hunger Games, but with a video game twist, and you have an idea of why Btooom! is worth watching.

7. Accel World

What is this anime about?

A short (super short), overweight junior high student with low self-esteem by the name Haruyuki is regularly picked on at school. 

However, his gaming skills get him noticed by the school's popular student council vice-president, who lets Haruyuki in on a secret in the form of an augmented reality online fighting video game called "Brain Burst," where players duel against one another to win "Burst Points."

These points can be used in the real world to accelerate player abilities. Haruyuki makes it his mission to achieve the max level in the game and meet the game's creator in order to learn the true purpose behind the project.

Why is it a good anime for gamer to watch?

As you've seen on this list, many of the above anime have a "trapped in a fantasy MMO" theme. That's not the case here. 

Not only is the idea of a fighting game explored, but players aren't trapped in a virtual world. It is instead an augmented reality, albeit one where duels between players can reward powerful prizes in the real world. 

Even if players' real lives aren't on the line, the show manages to deliver some fresh ideas, while still keeping the stakes high.

No matter whether you watch one or all of the good anime listed above, gamers will find plenty to love about each.


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