7 Surprisingly Good Anime Every Gamer Needs To Watch

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3. Hack//Sign

What is this anime about?

A series of various anime and video games that all take place in an MMORPG called The World. 

One of the more popular series, .Hack//Sign, revolves around a character named Tsukasa, a player who wakes inside the game to find he has short-term memory loss and is unable to log out. 

He and his friends embark on a quest to discover more about Tsukasa's unusual condition and find a way for him to finally log out.

Why is it a good anime for gamer to watch?

Hack//Sign, while similar to some other anime on this list, is unique in that it doesn't focus so much on the action or fantasy of being in a virtual world, but more on the complex interpersonal relationships that can form in a virtual environment. 

In today's world, meeting friends online in a game happens every day. However, what happens when those friends want to meet in real life? A number of emotions come into play, and .Hack//Sign, with its emphasis on relationships and drama over action, does a great job of bringing those emotions to the forefront.

4. Summer Wars

What is this anime about?

A 17-year-old math genius by the name Kenji becomes falsely accused of unleashing a dangerous artificial intelligence on the virtual world of OZ. 

Together, he and his friends do battle with the Love Machine virus across the Web to prevent it from doing further harm in the real world.

Why is it a good anime for gamer to watch?

Hackers are the antiheroes of the geek/gamer world. Cool yet dangerous, they have real power at their fingertips, powers that can be used for both good and ill. 

Kenji is definitely a hero here, as he and his friends do battle with the Love Machine virus in a visually-striking fashion using various avatars. 

It's a gamer's idea of what fighting a virus in cyberspace might look like. However, for all its outlandish virtual landscapes, Summer Wars shows the very real danger in living in a insecure, inter-connected online world, where everything from satellites to traffic signals are controlled via the power of the Internet. 

Luckily, we will have hackers like Kenji to save us when everything goes completely haywire.

5. Log Horizon

What is this anime about?

A group of friends, along with 30,000 other gamers, find themselves actually becoming their in-game avatars in one of the world's most popular fantasy MMOs. 

Forced to accept their new reality, the group of friends unite to overcome the challenges of this dangerous fantasy world.

Why is it a good anime for gamer to watch?

The trope of "trapped in a video game" isn't a new one in anime, but Log Horizon approaches the idea differently. 

Rather than being trapped in a virtual world and seeking to break free, this group of friends instead embrace this new fantasy world they call home. 

What gamer hasn't dreamed of becoming their avatar and saving the day? Log Horizon explores that idea perfectly and often in surprising ways.

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