7 Surprisingly Good Anime Every Gamer Needs To Watch

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It may sound cliche, but there really is good anime for everybody. 

Even if you’re the ones who spend all free time playing World of Warcraft or fragging campers in Call of Duty, there is a ton of good anime that will likely be right up your alley.

1. No Game No Life

What is this anime about?

Together, a young man and his little sister, who collectively go by the name screen name Blank, are the best gamers in the entire world. 

So good, in fact, that the "god of games" from another dimension transports the two to his domain in order to mix up the status quo. 

In this fantasy world, all political conflicts are settled via various games of skill and chance. The humans of this realm have nearly lost their entire empire to other magical races due to their lack of gaming skill. 

However, Blank and their prowess at various games may just be what the kingdom needs to return the human empire to its former glory.

Why is it a good anime for gamer to watch?

In addition to being funny, watching how Blank overcomes one ridiculous gaming scenario after the next by bending the rules or outhinking their opponents at every turn is too darn entertaining. 

From card games to a full-fledged third person shooter, a number of different types of games are played, each with a unique set of rules that have to be taken into account. 

The idea of a vast fantasy world where everything is determined by skills that most would consider "useless" in the real world is a gamer fantasy in and of itself, and one explored in a fun way here.

2. Sword Art Online

What is this anime about?

Kirito is a skilled MMO gamer playing the hottest new virtual reality MMO: Sword Art Online, played with the latest and greatest virtual reality headset. 

Once he logs in, however, he finds that he and thousands of other players are being held hostage within the game. Removing the virtual reality headset from a person's head while they are in the game will fry their brain, killing the player instantly in both worlds. 

The only way to escape is to defeat the final boss of Sword Art Online. And so, Kirito and his friends unite to carve their way out of their fantasy prison, one battle at a time.

Why is it a good anime for gamer to watch?

With virtual reality headsets like the Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus creeping ever closer toward a retail release, a future where gamers spend countless hours fully immersed in a game while wearing a VR headset isn't far off. 

Sword Art Online imagines that near future, while also exploring ideas about the blurry line between the real and virtual worlds, as PvP becomes a deadly pastime for some players, while others never want to return to the real world they've been closed off to.

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