7 of the Most Attractive Anime Girls Who Turned Out to Be Anime Dudes

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Japanese girls love their feminine-looking men, and nowhere is this more evident than in anime and manga. 

Both are full of characters who skirt the gender line, and then there are plenty who have already crossed the line, leaving it far in the dust — guys who look girls even to their characters in their anime and manga. 

In today’s list, we examine 7 of the most attractive women in anime… who just so happen to not be women.

1. Fisheye, Sailor Moon

As one of the Amazon Trio of Sailor Moon Super S, Fisheye was a very sly combatant, using the powers of seduction to conquer men, extract their “Dream Mirrors” and gaze into their dreams. 

With long flowing blue hair, oversized blue eyes, Fisheye’s feminine sex appeal was obvious… and then he revealed his distinct lack of girl parts. 

And he made that part of his nefarious schemes — when he revealed to his victims that “Dude look like a lady”, they quickly fell prey to his evil. 

I can see it now, you’re talking with this exotic and beautiful girl, have a few drinks over the course of the night. You have to get over that she is named after a specific camera lens, but who cares. 

You get back to your place, when surprise, just like Slumber Party, she just whips it out. I guess that would be enough to put your typical male into enough shock to make you give up your Dream Mirror, if I knew what the hell that was. 

Of course in the hyper-sensitive American culture, this was retconned and Fisheye was made into a female character.

2. Mizuho Miyanokouji, Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru

Okay, this one is a bit of a cop out, as it’s not Mizuho’s intention to become a woman. 

Mizuho is forced by his grandfather’s will to attend an all-girls high school, despite the fact he doesn’t have the right parts to fit in (so to speak). There is only one way he can abide by his grandfather’s final wish, and that’s to crossdress. 

Initially, only a few people including his childhood best friend know his secret, but of course that doesn’t last for long. 

The strange thing is that Mazuho makes for a very attractive girl, and his artificial chest is able to fool just about everyone, even when trying on bikinis. 

Needless to say, a million dollars of plastic surgery wouldn’t produce boobs this perfect.

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