7 Moments You're Addicted to Watching Top Gear

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Although Jeremy Clarkson is out, Top Gear will still live on.

3 Top Gear hosts
As everyone's favorite car series, Top Gear is known for going hard on their vehicle reviews, tests and challenges. Whether blowing things up or pitting man and machine against each other, presenters Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May are always up to some ridiculous antics.

1. When Jeremy Clarkson took his small car to the streets where he saw "barely any traffic at all."

2. When they created Hovervan. It hovered. It was a van. It was not ideal.

3. When Richard Hammond took a bomb-proof Marauder military vehicle to a McDonald's drive-thru.

4. Car Rugby. Amazing.

5. The time it made total sense to race a rally driver against a man with jet-powered wings.

6. When they combined their creative genius to cross a crocodile-infested river in Africa.

7. That time Jeremy Clarkson called in the Royal Navy to pay homage to the Jaguar E-Type.

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