7 Famous Storylines That Hollywood Stole From Anime

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With the big screen rights acquired by Warner Bros. six years ago, a Death Note movie appears to finally be on the way with “You’re Next” director Adam Wingard at the helm! 

Well, It's no secret that Hollywood loves adapting existing properties into huge, flashy productions. Many people decry the adaptions of beloved video game and anime properties, and usually that outcry is pretty justified. 

But what about rip-offs inspiration? After all, nothing created is ever original; that spark of genius must come from somewhere. 

Following are a few well-known Hollywood productions that are pretty suspicious in that regard — though to give some of the director's credit, they have come out and said from where they draw inspiration.

1.The Lion King

Osamu Tezuka's Kimba The White Lion was a familiar cartoon to anyone one who grew up in the U.S. in the '60s, so imagine people's surprise when, upon taking their kids to go see the new Disney movie in 1994, they were treated to the adventures of Simba. 

Matthew Broderick, the voice of Simba, even assumed that he was signed-on to voice-act in a Kimba spinoff! The similarities do not stop there, as many of the scenes in The Lion King seem to be a frame-by-frame recreation of many of those found in Kimba. 

Disney has denied all accusations of plagiarism, instead insisting that it was all coincidental. Seems to me like they were counting on less-savvy animation connoiseurs to be watching their film.

2. Inception

On the other side of the denial spectrum, Christopher Nolan, the director of Inception, has actually come out and said that Paprika, the last feature film by the late Satoshi Kon, was a big inspiration for him. 

Both films contain a machine which allows its users to plunge into dreams as a central plot device, and both films are imaginative in the way they portray human beings in a totally self-aware state inside of dreams.


Suddenly, Chobits is really popular again! Many have pointed out that recently, two major entertainment releases, the album Worlds by Porter Robinson, and Spike Jonze's Her seem to draw plenty of inspiration from our favorite moebot. 

In all honesty though, I do think that the concept of forming a relationship with an artificial intelligence has been a motif in the eyes of sci-fi and fantasy writers for years. I'm willing to write this one off as harmless coincidence. The AI in Her doesn't possess a physical shape either.

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