7 "Beauty and the Beast" Anime Couples That Will Change Your Perspective on Love

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3. Takeo/Rinko (My Love Story!!)

Takeo is commonly considered an ogre by average of us and most of his feminine classmates. This can be utterly contrary to his character, as a result of whereas Takeo might fill sure the Hulk, he is sweet-natured and an noble guy. It's these qualities and his large physique that draws the equally sweet Rinko Yamato.

Rinko is little. She's a lot of historically enticing and enjoys things like baking cakes, defrayment Christmas along, and truly arousal her spouse.

2. Yumi/Shishio (Rurouni Kenshin)

Shishio extremely got lucky once he captured the affections of Yumi Komagata. Both of them were rejected by Meiji-era society. Yumi for her profession as a sex employee and Shishio for detachment of favor with the new government. Yumi and Shishio's love seems real.


1. Kyo/Tohru (Fruits Basket)

It's onerous being a cat. Like all the members of the Sohma family, Kyo turns into his animal counterpart. The cat, however, has an additional stipulation that is way more monstrous. And smelly. The cursed type are some things Kyo finds huge shame in, however sure as shooting it's one thing a touch "true love" will fix?

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