6 Women With The Longest Legs in The World

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If there's one feature that models are generally share, it's long legs.

Men, prepare to drool and women, prepare to be green with envy - these are the 6 longest-legged beauties in the world.

1. Anastasia Strashevskaya - 42 Inches

Anastasia Strashevskaya won the title of the longest legs in Russia. She is a trainee lawyer from Novosibirsk, Siberia, and beat fifty-two other contestants to the title and a prize of around two thousand and seven hundred U.S. dollars.

2. Brooke Banker - 47 Inches

Banker is twenty-six and has forty-seven inch long legs, which is all the more impressive given her comparatively diminutive height: she stands at five feet eleven inches, just under six foot.

3. Alexandra Robertson - 47 Inches

Robertson is six feet one inch tall, and boasts forty-seven inch-long legs, with the inside leg measuring an incredible thirty-seven inches. She has been modelling for the last two years, during which time she has modelled lingerie and bridal wear.

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