6 "Where-Are-They-Now" Stories of Former WWE Divas

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It seems like every year there is a new set of divas in the WWE.

One thing's for certain, we can't forget the contributions of passed divas in the WWE. You will probably be pleasantly surprised to see what some divas are up to today.

1. Alundra Blayze - Monster Truck Driver

Who can forget Alundra Blayze, the former diva who pretty much ignited the Monday Night Wars by going to Nitro live and tossing the WWE Women's title in the trash.

Believe it or not, after some intensive training, Blayze would enroll as a full time driver, winning the "World Finals" in 2004 in the freestyle category, and winning in 2005 in the racing category.

2. Christy Hemme - Announcer/Songwriter

Making her debut for the WWE in 2004, Christy Hemme was the winner of the second ever WWE "Diva Search," taking home $250,000, along with a one-year contract with the WWE.

Today, you can find Hemme as an announcer for the wrestling promotion, as well as a member of the creative team. Christy has also made contributions to the music industry.

3. Maria Kanellis - Actress

After her release from the WWE in 2010, Maria Kanellis spent a few years working in the independent circuit of wrestling. She spent time working as an actress for television shows and movies, even launching her own perfume line.

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