6 Tricks for Getting The Best Candy This Halloween

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Your kids may be content with a few fun-size Snickers and tiny boxes of Nerds, but if you're looking for quality candy and lots of it, you need a PhD-level strategy. Don't worry, we've got you covered this Halloween.

1. Choose the right town

Pick either a hard-partying city (San Francisco's Halloween enthusiasm is legendary) or the exact opposite - industry lore holds that candy sales are high in areas where alcohol consumption is low. That makes Salt Lake City, land of teetotaling Mormons, a potential boon.

Choose the right town 

2. Target the perennially festive

During the year, watch for blocks teeming with Christmas wreaths and Fourth of July cookouts: They'll be kind to trick-or-treaters too.

3. Run the numbers

Population density, street interconnectivity and higher average incomes yield the best haul.

4. Rely on shame

Knock on doors that are visible from the street. Aware that their neighbors can see them, residents are less likely to ignore the bell.

Just give me the candy 

5. Capitalize on pity

Research shows that empathy inspires generosity, so incorporate an injury into your child's costume - one-legged Hiccup from “How to Train Your Dragon,” say - or, if you're diabolical, compel your kid to fake something.

6. Share the wealth

Use social media to share information with fellow candy hounds about successful routes, which houses are running low, and who's giving out the good stuff.

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