6 Tips to Make Your Sex Life Sexier

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Kim Kardashian does a lot of things really well, but she may have no idea how to keep her sex life fresh and exciting.

It's true that after marriage, newlyweds experience a happiness boost, but how can you keep it as long as possible?

Even if you're already masterful in the bedroom, there's always room for growth. Below is our tips to have chandelier-swinging, nail-clawing, heart-clutching sex.

Secrets to a better love life

1. Try to wear red

A science study showed that men rated women who wore a shade of crimson as more attractive. The hue of red helped alter the male perception of how attractive the female was. "Men also were more likely to say they wanted to have sex with a woman and that they would be willing to spend more on a date if she were in red," according to the report in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

Try to wear red 

2. Practice your downward-facing dog

The research concluded that the stretching and isometric holds in yoga improved core strength and pelvic muscle control, which helped prolong the time until the male orgasmed.

Practice downward-facing dog 

3. Speak up in the bedroom

People who speak up about what they want in bed were more satisfied in bed, a study found. If you're afraid to verbalize exactly what you want, start with non-verbal cues to signal to your partner your desires.

Speak up in the bedroom 

4. Check out a comedy show first

Laughing gets your blood pumping, spiking your heart rate and getting your cardiovascular system working, which all helps improves that activity you were doing in the bedroom, research showed.

Laugh makes you better 

5. Make time for sex in the morning

Morning sex is not only better for your health and overall mood, but men, you'll last longer and finish stronger. Testosterone levels peak overnight, so in the morning, most men are ready to go.

Morning sex is good for you 

6. Add some purple into your bedroom

People with purple bedding or furniture have more active sex lives, according to a new British study.

And sometimes, it's okay to try something new. It could be some lacy lingerie, a massage, introducing sex toys into the mix, or just being bold enough to suggest you two take a shower together.

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