6 Theme Cafes That You Can Only Come Across in Japan

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Maid cafes, many of you must have ever heard of, but that's not the only weird theme cafe in Japan.

Check out what this country offers to amaze you.

1. The Infamous “Maid Cafes”

These cafes, where waitresses dress in frilly maid outfits and act as servants, first emerged in Tokyo in the early 2000s.

Since then, they have gained significant popularity and expanded to other countries including the United States.

Sometimes they offer additional services, such as ear-cleaning and massages.

2. Male Counterpart, “Butler Cafes”

3. “Cross-dressing Maid Cafes”

Staffed entirely by straight men, Tokyo’s premier cross-dressing maid cafe Hibari-tei opened its doors in 2009.

4. “Granny Cafes”

Cafe Rottenmeier is a European-style cafe with “granny” servers ranging in age from 24 to 77. Mother cafes exist as well.

5. “Cat Cafes”

Patrons pay an hourly fee to drink tea and play with kitties. Themed cat cafes — for black cats, calico, rare breeds, and more — have also been established.


6. “Cuddle Cafe”

Soineya, which opened in October, is a cafe where customers pay to cuddle with cute girls.

Gazing into each other’s eyes comes at an additional charge.


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