6 Super Famous People You Didn't Know Were Muslim

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With ISIS being plastered across the pages of every major news outlet, the Islamic faith has been getting a very bad rap as of late.

The Islamic faith is heavy on morality and teaches its followers how to be pious, humble and accountable for their actions. Sounds pretty good right? These celebrities below think so too.

1. Zayn Malik

One Direction's Zayn Malik was raised as a Muslim and is still part of the faith. However, he's been criticized by conservative Muslims on social media for supposedly not adhering to a traditional Muslim lifestyle.

2. Amal Clooney

The human rights lawyer comes from a Muslim background and according to some reports is still a Muslim herself. Her father is Druze, an offshoot of Islam, and her mom is a Sunni Muslim.

3. Snoop Dogg

In 2009, Snoop reportedly joined the Nation of Islam, but in 2012 he converted to Rastafarianism and change his name to Snoop Lion.

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