6 Memorable Anime Kissing Scenes That Pull Our Heartstrings

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What makes an anime kiss stand out?

Well, to put it simply, a kiss in an anime series is just as deep and emotional than a kiss in a blockbuster movie.

Here are 6 memorable anime kissing scenes that pull our heartstrings.

1. Lovely Complex...happy birthday

Risa has been pursuing Otani for a long time.

It's always been difficult trying to get it through his thick skull that she likes him.

When she finally managed to, he found himself rejecting her multiple times.

The series is a good balance of humor and drama.

Mood swings are abound, and this scene, accompanied by fireworks in the background is a unique scene in the sense that it isn't the girl who's admitting that she likes the guy, but it's the guy who's confirming his feelings for the girl in the most direct way possible.

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