6 Little-Known Facts About LeBron James

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To draw attention away from James's first baby girl, we look at some facts that people may not know about LeBron James. Hopefully, and at the very least, this list will humanize LBJ for people who are seeing him more like a grand chess piece than a sentient being. You may find yourself surprised by some of these facts about the world’s greatest basketball player.

LeBron James

1. Played high-school football

Choosing to focus on the basketball, he obviously made the right decision, but many have speculated that he could have gone pro in football, given his freakish athletic ability and size. Just imagine LBJ on a fly route or a fade to the corner of the end zone - damn!

LeBron was so good that he was named first team All-State as a sophomore

2. Fan of the New York Yankees

Despite being passionate about his hometown of Akron, LeBron James is not a fan of the Cleveland Indians. Indeed, LeBron was criticized early in his career for showing up to Cleveland Indians games, wearing a New York Yankees hat.

Cleveland-area fans may wilfully overlook this heresy

3. Had a stake in Liverpool F.C.

LeBron and his business partner and manager dabble in various business ventures, and the two have acquired a small stake in the English Premier League’s Liverpool F.C., a major soccer team in the UK. 

LeBron had a small stake in Liverpool F.C.

4. Owned a small stake in Beats

During its incipient stages, LeBron James acquired a small stake in Beats by Dre, Dr. Dre’s now-ubiquitous headphone company. Recently, the company was acquired by Apple, an acquisition that netted King James a reported $30 million.

LeBron James acquired a small stake in Beats

5. Endorsed Obama's campaign for Presidency

When Barack Obama was campaigning for presidency before the 2008 election, LeBron donated $20,000 to the campaign. While not a large sum of money by celebrity standards, James's endorsement undoubtedly helped Obama.

LeBron James, Barack Obama

6. Signed a $90-million deal with Nike Before NBA

Before even playing a single game in the NBA, LeBron James was the object of a three-headed pursuit between Nike, Adidas, and Reebok, as the powerhouse companies all wanted him to endorse their respective brands.

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