5 Things You May Miss in "Ted 2" Trailer

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It looks like everyone’s favorite foul-mouthed children’s toy is back for another adventure with his Thunder Buddy. After years of anticipation, Universal has finally released the first official trailer for "Ted 2."

The first trailer was surprisingly jam-packed with details about the film’s plot, as well as some very solid toilet humor. Below are 5 things fans may have missed in the first “Ted 2” trailer.

1. Ted’s Getting Hitched

Ted’s Getting Hitched
This time around, the parenting bug has bitten Ted. After marrying his girlfriend from the first movie, Ted tells his best friend that he and Tami-Lynn are in need of a sperm donor so that they can have a child - You know, because Ted is a bear without genitals.

Obviously he turns to his best friend, John Bennett (Mark Wahlberg) for help, but not after some serious wedding festivities, complete with Flash Gordon (Sam J. Jones) officiating.

2. New Character Sam L. Jackson

Sam L. Jackson
Ted’s quest to have a child leads him into a sticky courtroom battle. He is trying to become a parent, he must prove that he’s a living being in a court of law. This leads the dynamic duo to the office of Samantha Leslie Jackson (Amanda Seyfried), a lawyer who will help them prove Ted is worthy of having a child.

3. Oh, He’s Got Soul

Ted in court
The first Ted film was about two best friends learning to grow up and embrace the wonders of adulthood, such as finding true love. The second film looks like it’s going to tackle some even heavier subject matter for an outlandish comedy - the philosophical difference between being sentient and being alive.

4. Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman
Morgan Freeman is in this movie. He will play an iconic civil rights lawyer who steps in to help Ted resolve some legal issues - likely to give him a hand in winning his case and proving he’s alive after all.

5. We Could Totally Be Lawyers

We Could Totally Be Lawyers
OK, it’s not quite the incredible “guess the name” sequence from the first movie. But it’s impossible not to be charmed by the relationship between Ted and John as they engage in some spot on legal jargon ping-pong.

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