5 Terrifying Things You Should Know About Black Friday

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Black Friday is coming up, and we all know what that means: crazy shoppers who are willing to do whatever it takes to get that one appliance for 50-percent off.

Last year nearly 150 million Americans went shopping on Black Friday, spending more than $57 million.

However, before you rush to the stores, I think there’s 5 terrifying things about Black Friday that maybe you should know. Read on please.

1.The most dangerous place to shop on Black Friday

Perhaps the most intriguing of Corona's findings looks at which retail locations have had the most injuries and deaths on Black Friday.

According to the data, the largest percentage of reported injuries occurred in a Walmart. This makes America's largest retailer the most dangerous place to shop on Black Friday.

2.A year to remember

Since 2006 there have been 89 reported Black Friday injuries. In 2011 a record 46 people were injured during Black Friday-related events.

3.Weapon of choice

As toy sales surge during the holidays, apparently so do sales for pepper spray. Pepper spray proved to be the weapon of choice on this crazy day of fighting for the best deals on stocking stuffers.

We counted 41 cases of reported pepper spray incidents since 2006.

4.Angry mobs

OK, maybe they aren't angry, but they're certainly very determined mobs of shoppers. Since 2006, 19 people have been injured and one man lost his life in a stampede of eager shoppers.

5. Guns

So much for that holiday cheer. As NBC's Miami affiliate reported, in 2012 two people were shot outside a Tallahassee Walmart over a parking space.


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