5 Hit Songs Ever Written by One Singer for Another

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Fans are hardly shocked to find out a singer won't write all their own lyrics.

What may be surprising for some fans is discovering that some of those hit songs were written by fellow best-selling singers. We dug up some of the biggest hits written by one singer for another.

1. Lady Gaga wrote "Telephone" for Britney Spears

The single "Telephone" sold 7.4 million copies upon release in early 2010 - not to mention that it was part of the Grammy-winning album, "The Fame Monster," by Lady Gaga.

2. Taylor Swift wrote "Best Days of Your Life" for Kellie Pickler

Kellie Pickler's biggest hit to date was "Best Days of Your Life." Pickler can credit her "little sister" Taylor Swift for the motivation and help to write the song.

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