5 Creepy Anime Characters You Never Want to Bump Heads With on Halloween

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Halloween is just around the corner, a day full of junk food, cosplay, and pure fun.

However, it can also be a person's worst nightmare, especially when you meet some scary anime characters who we should never ever see in our lives.

Here are 5 creepy characters that define the evil in anime.

1. Johan Liebert from "Monster"

This character could be the scariest anime character you have ever seen. The disturbing picture above just shows you what a crazy psychopath he is.

Not only is he a psychopath, he is also a charismatic soulless sociopath, who makes people kill others and themselves with ease.

He is an master manipulator and his only desire in this world is to become the only living person on it. That's a pretty twisted dream to have.

If there's anything Johan is, he is an absolute monster.


2. Yuno Gasai from "Mirai Nikki"

This is seriously the craziest 14 year old girl.

Yuno is the face of yandere, which are loving but also psychotic. She is pretty much a textbook case of stalker turned possessive psychopath.

Yuno kidnaps and abuses her boyfriend Yuki, threatens to kill his friends, then she does it.

Each with a follow-up glance to her beloved, with a sort of sick expression similar to a dog seeking approval from their master for what they’ve done.

You seriously would not want to bump heads with her on Halloween, or any day for that matter.

3. Miyu from "Vampire Princess Miyu"

Miyu is a pretty badass character, but still quite creepy none the less.

As a vampire, though she does need to drink blood to survive, she chooses her 'victims' carefully.

She chooses people who have suffered a tragic loss, and offers them their greatest wish – to be with their lost loved ones, at least in their dreams, in exchange for their blood.

These people live an endless dream state forever. 

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