46 Major "Game Of Thrones" Death So Far, Ranked By Heartbreak

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For everyone who isn’t up to date with Season 6 yet, this post obviously contains spoilers, so look away now.

For everyone else, this is a list of all the major characters who have died over these five and a half seasons, ranked by how much those deaths broke our hearts. 

Unsurprisingly, there are quite a lot of them, because this show is fucking evil. Sorry in advance for making you cry.

46. Jon Arryn

Manner of death: Poisoned by his wife, Lysa, on Littlefinger’s orders.

Oh, Jon Arryn, we hardly knew ye.


45. Ser Meryn Trant

Manner of death: Stabbed to fuck by Arya Stark.

Meryn, you were a massive dickhead, and watching you get repeatedly stabbed in the eyes by Arya was one of the most satisfying moments of this goddamn show. You will not be missed.

44. Olly

Manner of death: Hanged by Jon Snow.


43. Viserys Targaryen

Manner of death: Burnt with a molten gold crown by Khal Drogo.

The only crown this deluded coward deserved. There have been so many bad people in this show since his death that it’s kinda easy to forget just how evil Viserys was to Daenerys. Who’s laughing now?

42. Ser Alliser Thorne

Manner of death: Hanged by Jon Snow.

Almost as satisfying as Olly’s death. Almost.

41. Khal Moro

Manner of death: Burnt alive by Daenerys.

Moro: “Me and all my mates are going to fuck you — you’re just a stupid woman.”

Dany: “Lol yeah OK…” 

40. Rast

Manner of death: Mauled by Ghost.

Rapist, bully, direwolf dinner.

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