33 Tumblr Pics Show You Real-life Side of Anime

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What's your reason for not buy a pair of cool Dragon Ball Z Sneakers? Maybe you just think that things of anime ain't mix up in real-life.

Then you get wrong, and these 33 tumblr pics will show you the real-life side of Anime.

1. The time they stood up for their children.

2. The time “comrade” became “nakama.”

3. The time they completed our #OOTD goals.

4. The time they were just a little confused.

5. The time they discovered the truth.

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6. And the time they solved the mystery.

7. When they celebrated New Year’s and all it brings.

8. And when they were a bit honest.

9. When they found what they never knew they were looking for…

10. And the time they did find exactly what they were looking for.

11. The time they mastered romance.

12. The time they somehow made Shakespeare even better.

13. When they made us admit this was kind of suspicious, to be honest.

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