23 Sexiest Girls Cristiano Ronaldo Has Conquered

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Life just isn’t fair. I mean, some people have it all! And while most of us have to make up for our shortcomings in different ways, there is one man who, hands down, has got it all. 

I’m talking about none other than Portuguese soccer superstar and lady killer Cristiano Ronaldo, ladies.

Fresh off his enormous pay day, raking in a whopping £17 million per year for the next five years with Real Madrid, it appears that Cristiano is finally winding down his career and settling down.

The most important thing is he is a father but not married. That means he can broke up with gorgeous Irina Shayk last week then date stunning Lucia Villalon now.  

What else is there for the 29-year-old to accomplish?

For those who like to deal in detail, throughout his illustrious 11-year career, Cristiano Ronaldo has conquered 23 stunningly gorgeous women. Just ... WOW!

Jordana Jardel, 2003

Isabel Figueira, 2005

Diana Chavez, 2006

Merche Romero, 2006

Soraia Chaves, 2006

Luciana Abreu, 2007

Gemma Atkinson, 2007

Karina Bacchi, 2007

Bipasha Basu, 2007

Maria Sharapova, 2007

Nikki Ghazian, 2008

Letizia Filippi, 2008

Nereida Gallardo, 2008

Mia Judaken, 2008

Gabriela Endringer, 2009

Alic Goodwin, 2009

Paris Hilton, 2009

Luana Belletti, 2009

Raffaella Fico, 2009

Imogen Thomas, 2010

Jasmine Lennard, 2010

Kim Kardashian, 2010

Irina Shayk, 2011

Lucia Villalon,2015

And to be continued...

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