23 Reasons Scarlet Overkill From “Minions” Is The Most Badass Villain Ever

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Scarlet Overkill has fantastic hair, wears great clothes and has a lethal uppercut.

When we turn her loose on the world, she is going to come out standing on top.

Here are the 23 reasons why Scarlet Overkill from “Minions” is the most badass villain ever.

1. She’s the first female super villain in her world.

The movie takes place in the ’60s, and before Scarlet came along crime was a male-dominated industry.

2. Fans travel far and wide to see her.

She a headliner, baby!

3. She knows how to make a killer entrance.

4. She’s good at retelling classic fairytales.

5. She’s a master of Tae Bo.

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