21 Strangest Things That Came Out of Vending Machines

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Soda, candy, cigarettes, maybe even an iPod—these are products most people expect to see sold in vending machines. 

However, if you take a trip around the globe—or even around our own country—you'll find some vending machines that sell things you would never think of buying from an automated appliance. And we're not just talking about the used schoolgirl underwear vending machines that are now outlawed in Japan. 

Take a look at the world's 21 strangest vending machines.

1. Live Crab 

Who would have thought that we’d see the day when crabs can be made available in vending machines. And they are alive! Grab one on the go if you are in China.


2. Hot Ramen Noodles

Considering ramen noodles cost next to nothing, I think this could count as a rip-off depending on the price. 

3. Fresh Lettuce

This $90,000 vending machine called “The Chef’s Farm” can grow 60 heads of lettuce a day using florescent light bulbs.

4. Gold

I feel this could have really sped up the plot of Goldmember. 

5. Condoms

If you aren’t a fan of getting condoms from a supermarket aisle or a pharmacy, this is the perfect solution like this machine that resides outside an Italian pharmacy. Now, there is no reason why you can’t practice safe sex.

6. Shoes

I've seen laces before, but this machine just cuts out the middleman to really give you your money's worth. 

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