21 Pictures That You'll Feel Weirdly Ashamed After Looking at

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17. Some People Stand Weird

Not everyone has to stand the way you do, okay? Just 'cause they do, it doesn't mean you can look at a photo like this and giggle. 

18. Don't Let Your Mind Go In The Gutter

This oyster is totally JUST an oyster that doesn't look like anything that makes me uncomfortable, right? WHO'S WITH ME? 

*shakes uncontrollably*

19. The dog looks like he's having a good time.

20. (NSFW) Guardians of the Galaxy


21. I Give Up

This looks like a penis, okay? Are you happy? This little creature sent from hell looks like a weird penis crawling around on the ground. There. We all had our fun. I'm gonna go take a shower now. 

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