21 of Your Favorite Celebs Most-Liked Instagram Pictures From 2016

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Billions and billions of likes.

1. Selena Gomez who received a whopping 351,655,924 million likes in a year.


2. Ariana Grande got 581,471,536 million people to double tap her photos in 2016.

3. Taylor Swift got 203,346,336 million likes by sharing her most intimate moments in 2016.

4. International soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo had a super-sized year receiving a whopping 1,075,647,377 billion likes in 2016!

5. Despite taking a break from Instagram in October, Kim Kardashian still racked up over 388,104,078 million likes in 2016.

6. With 1,464,381,508 billion likes Kylie Jenner is easily the most liked celeb on Instagram in 2016.

7. Kendall Jenner’s modelling career skyrocketed in 2016, helping her to snag 390,453,353 million likes in 2016.

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