21 Most Hilarious Ways Celebrities Hiding From the Paparazzi

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I am sure it’s super annoying always having people aggressively follow you around but it’s always hilarious seeing celebrities try and evade the inevitable. 

Just because you’re holding a giant donut over your face – ahem Katy Perry – doesn’t mean no one can see you or take your picture. 

Check out these 21 pictures of celebrities quite obviously hiding from the paparazzi.

1. Benedict Cumberbatch

When Benedict Cumberbatch proved himself to be very resourceful with his paparazzi disguises.


2. Katy Perry

Is it weird that the giant stuffed doughnut is making us hungry?

3. Jaden Smith

That's one way to draw attention to yourself, Jaden.

4. Harry Styles

Uh, how can Harry breath in that?!

5. Justin Bieber

Unbeknownst to many, Justin Bieber is actually an alien life form who cannot breathe Earth air for very long. Hence the frequent appearances of the gas mask. And, you know, everything else he does.

6. Alec Baldwin

Under the blanket lurks the head of GE and a man who once rallied a room full of aged salesman to "always be closing." It's Alec Baldwin.

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