21 Disney Princess Secrets You Never Knew Growing Up

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As you may already see what Disney Princesses would look like at their current ages, we’ve got something better for you - some of the biggest Disney princess secrets out there. 

Some will warm your heart, and some will change the way you watch your favorite Disney movies forever.

1. Cinderella was Walt Disney's favorite princess.

Ilene Woods, who voiced the character of Cinderella, remembered Walt Disney saying to her, "You're my favorite heroine, you know." She said, "You mean Cinderella?" "Yes," he said, "there's something about that story I associate with."

2. Sleeping Beauty only has 18 lines in the whole movie.

It kind of makes sense that Aurora has the fewest amount of lines of all the Disney princesses considering she is asleep for a large portion of the movie.

3. Belle is the only person in her town who wears blue.

This was done to show that she was an outsider among the townspeople. 

The Beast is later wearing blue when the two meet, and he also has blue eyes, so they are basically perfect for each other, which we already knew!

4. Cinderella's shoe size is a 4 1/2.

Those are some dainty feet.

5. Jasmine and Mulan are the only Disney princesses who wear pants.

So . . . they were probably the comfiest Disney princesses.

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