21 Cats Who Just Prefer to Stand Around Like Humans

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We all know this simple fact about cats: they're not humans. But try telling them that and they'll be all...

But that's okay. Their silly overreactions to just about everything (including inanimate, unmoving objects) are part of their charm.

Well, that and the fact that they have the hilarious habit of standing around like little, fluffy humans. If you own a feline, you know what we're talking about...

1. "Um, WHAT did you just say about my mousey toy?"


2. "Whatsa matter, you've never seen a gentleman cat before?"

3. "Yep, looks like the neighbors are being weird again."

4. I guess all guys really do love peeing standing up.

5. He does this every time he goes number two. Weirdo.

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