20 Unusual Competitions From Around The World

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16. Bee-Wearing Competition

A bee-wearing or bee-bearding competition is held in China every year. The winner is decided by the most weight of bees.

The Guinness World Record holder wore around 87 pounds, which was around 350,000 bees.

17. Shovel Racing

Shovel racing started as a way for ski lift operators to get down the mountain.

It can be done on regular or modified shovels and reach speeds of 60 mph. It was even in the first X Games, but was removed due to safety concerns.

18. Nailympia

The "Olympics of nails" has been going on for 10 years now. There are more normal categories like French manicure, but the sculptures of the fantasy category are crazy.

19. Baby Crawling

Apparently these competitions happen in a lot of places. The largest one, according to the Guinness Records, was in China with 451 babies competing.

20. Cell Phone Throwing

These competitions are held in many locations with the world championships held in Finland.

Many events are sponsored by recycling companies and competitors throw old phones in hopes of winning a new one.

The record throw is just over 360 feet!


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