20 Unusual Competitions From Around The World

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11. Cherry Pit Spitting

For 41 years now the International Cherry Pit Spitting Championship has been held at the Tree-Mendus Fruit Farm in Michigan.

The record distance in competition is 93.5 feet!

12. Black Pudding Throwing

The World Black Pudding Throwing Championships are held annually in England on the second Sunday in September.

In the competition, you have three attempts at throwing a black pudding wrapped in lady’s tights.

You must throw it underhanded and try to knock down as many Yorkshire puddings off of a 20-foot-high platform as you can.

13. Cockroach Racing

On Australia Day, the main event in cockroach racing is held at the Story Bridge Hotel.

Contestants bring their own cockroaches which are released at the center of a tarp and the first one to the edge is the winner.

14. Areca Tree Climbing

The Areca Tree Climbing competition is held on Independence Day in Bondowoso, Indonesia.

The 30 foot trees are greased and teams climb together to grab the gifts placed at the top.

15. Bed Racing

There are bed races all over the world and they require at least one member of the team to ride on the bed.

Many are held to raise money for charity. Next year will be the 50th Great Knaresborough Bed Race in England, which is a 2.4-mile-long race.

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