20 Sexy Prison School Meiko Shiraki Cosplays That Bring Anime to Life

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When it comes to blending humor and sexy, Prison School is a real winner.

The scantily clad teenage girls just take disciplinary measures to the extreme in a frenzy of martial arts and flailing weapons. And you guys must have noticed the sexy Vice President.

Here we deliver you the hottest Prison School's cosplay of Meiko Shiraki.

1. Meiko Shiraki's A Dominatrix

As you can see from this Prison School cosplay, Shiraki certainly has all the sexy superficial markers. The boots. The horse whip. The stern librarian glasses.

2. There's A Sick Beating Coming Soon

You may become addicted to the beatings, especially when the beatings are from this Prison School cosplayer.

3. Leaving Little To The Imagination

In this Prison School cosplay, Meiko Shiraki's sexualization marks her weapons.

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