20 Romance Anime Recommendations for the Hopeless Romantic

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16. My Little Monster

Some people believe that you can only find love by finding someone similar to yourself, but often it is those different than you that expand your view on the world. 

In My Little Monster, Shizuku is cold and only motivated in her studies, while Haru is a violent truant that just wants to make friends but had his reputation ruined by his misunderstood violence. 

Bound together by both being outsiders, My Little Monster tells a story of understanding and building feelings through that, even if you don’t always recognize them until it is too late.

17. ReLife

Although relatively new, ReLife gave a refreshing boost to the romance genre by taking the relatively played out idea of giving someone a second chance at youth and reinvigorating it with playful characters and a few intriguing twists. 

In ReLife, you watch an older NEET named Kaizaki go back to high school as a young man and use his world knowledge to urge on his younger peers while also reforming himself after a traumatic incident.

While he suppresses his own feelings of love for a high school girl because after a year they will lose all memory of him, he also encourages the awkward romance of two of his close friends. Through that side romance, you get the pay off that you don’t get in his story.

18. The Kawai Complex Guide to Manors and Hostel Behavior

What is a better set up than a boy and a girl living together through unexpected circumstance? Unfortunately, it is not them alone living together, but there are others that share a boarding house with them, each weirder than the next. 

However, this group of weirdos form a misfit family that makes the overall story of this series just as heart-warming as watching the shy, bookish girl slowly open up to the more outgoing new resident.

19. The Pet Girl of Sakura Hall


The romance in Pet Girl of Sakura Hall is as fun and as light-hearted as its color palate suggests. It features a boy who can’t help but take in stray cats and a girl who, while extremely talented, can’t take care of herself. 

It is a simple premise that sets up for what might have been a simple love story, but throughout, you watch them fall in love while the girl’s talent for art motivates the boy falling in love with her to find his own passion and dedication in life.

While also a tale about misfits finding kinship with each other, it is also unexpectedly about the equality of love and asks the question of if you can live in the shadow of your more talented partner and still love them as an equal.


20. Orange

Love is complicated, but it is made even more complicated in Orange when the main character, Naho, gets a letter from her future self detailing all the regrets she had concerning a transfer student who would commit suicide. 

In Orange, Naho and her friends try adamantly to stop the events that would lead to their new friend Kakeru’s suicide, and she finds herself falling in love with the man whose life she is trying to protect. 

Unfortunately, suicide is not always about what your friends did or didn’t do, and about what is eating away at your own soul.

Did we miss your favorite romance anime? Yes, probably, because there are so many good ones out there. Let us know what your romance anime recommendations would be in the comments section below.


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