20 Romance Anime Recommendations for the Hopeless Romantic

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11. Nodame Cantabile

In romance anime, contention between two people you so obviously know are going to fall in love is a popular plot, but between the music and the act of overcoming so many fears in Nodame Cantabile, it becomes an excellent love story. 

You watch two people, one serious and motivated, the other more haphazard and fun-loving, make beautiful music together.

12. Blue Spring Ride

Our first loves are important to all of us, but we tend to idealize them a little bit. 

In Blue Spring Ride, the main girl falls in love with a gentle boy who soon after moves away. However, when she finds out he has returned years later, they have both become completely different people due to the experiences they had during their time apart. 

Yet, deep down there are still those feelings that made them fall in love in the first place, but can the love the people that they have become?

13. Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun

Some of the best romance anime are built on the platform of misunderstandings. 

This hilarious little anime starts with a girl confessing to a stoic and cool boy she likes at school only to find out he is a shoujo mangaka. In even more misunderstandings, she ends up being his assistant.

This series is all about the crushing reality of falling in love with dense individuals.

14. Love, Chunibyou, and Other Delusions

Everyone wants to be normal, but normal is boring. That’s essentially the premise of Chunibyou. 

Yuuga Togashi wants to suppress his weird chunibyou side that ostracized him in middle school and live a normal high school life with a hot high school girlfriend.

However, things don’t go that way when he meets another chunibyou and gets sucked into her world of fantasy.

15. Nisekoi

Harem anime series are always a treasure trove of romance, and Nisekoi does it in an addictive way. Throughout the series, you get a number of girls vying for the main characters attention and affection as he helps them all out with their unique problems. 

However, instead of just having one girl you want to root for and know will win, you feel like rooting for all of their efforts and the best girl is not always so obvious.

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