20 Problems Only Anime Fans Will Understand

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Will people think that I'm a sexist if I watch anime like One Piece? Put it aside, that's not even counted a problem to the majority of anime fans.

Ranging from the serious to the silly, these are issues that anyone who doesn’t watch anime just won’t understand; the problems we face at one time or another in our unifying quest to watch the latest and greatest anime.

These are 20 problems that only anime fans will understand.

20. The Pain Of Not Owning A Giant Robot

The Pain Of Not Owning A Giant Robot

Giant robots are awesome; they always have been and always will be. This is an indisputable fact. So you can forgive us for dreaming of owning our own giant robot with which to battle it out against our enemies.

Unfortunately they still remain solely in the realm of fiction. Thankfully there are plenty of great anime series to satiate our appetite for all things mecha.

 19. Waiting For The Next Season Of Attack On Titan

Waiting For The Next Season Of Attack On Titan

Attack on Titan was a breakout hit in 2013 thanks to its unique world, high energy drama, and disturbingly designed enemy. As of right now there have only been 25 episodes, and despite being a huge success internationally the recently announcement revealed that the next batch of anime episodes won't air before 2016.

Apparently they are waiting for the manga to reach a certain point, but still… that doesn’t make the wait any less agonizing.

18. Failing To Go Super Saiyan

Failing To Go Super Saiyan

If you were a regular watcher of Dragonball Z, you have attempted to go Super Saiyan at some point in your life. Maybe you did it all by your lonesome in front of the mirror, or maybe with a group of like minded fans.

It’s ok; don’t try to deny it. You are among friends.

 17. Choosing Between Sub Or Dub

Choosing Between Sub Or Dub

Choosing between watching an anime in its original language or dubbed has always been one of the most common decisions for anime watchers. Well, maybe for some.

More hardcore fans insist on watching them in Japanese in order to remain as faithful to the original source as possible, while more casual fans don’t really mind either way.

Both are perfectly viable options, and it is up to the viewer to decide which experience suits them best.

16. Explaining The Plot Of Evangelion

Explaining The Plot Of Evangelion

Depending on who you are, Neon Genesis: Evangelion is either one of the best or most overrated anime ever.

Regardless of how one feels, this mech vs. monster series has remained quintessential viewing for any anime fan. Yet despite having been around for nearly 20 years, ask anyone what it is actually about and they will be at a loss for words.

Evangelion’s plot is so strange, so abstract, and so bizarrely unique that it continues to confuse audiences old and new. Expect only the most dedicated fans to be able to adequately explain this tale of depression and woe.

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