20 of the Most Vicious Vampires That Fans Can Really Get Behind

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They stalk the night, waiting, watching, wondering when one human will stray from the pack into a dark alleyway. When it happens, they strike! Fast as lighting, draining the blood from their victims. They are vampires.

Unlike zombies, anime is a genre that is rife with vampires. Unfortunately, for every dark creatures of the night that prefers solitude and blood to all else, there is some pretty little thing that makes sucking blood look adorable. Real vampires are noble, and if not noble, complete vicious in the pursuit of blood. 

If you are sick of all the lame vampires that populate anime, here are 20 of the most vicious vampires that fans can really get behind.

20. Moka Akashiya from Rosario + Vampire

Of all anime vampires, Moka is easily the least scary. However, when her rosary comes off she can fight with the best of them. Although, even then, she is not vicious enough to be anything higher than last on this list. 

If we were counting sexy vampires, though, she would be pretty high up.


19. Mina Tepes from Dance in the Vampire Bund

Not unlike Moka, Mina Tepes is more pretty than viscous. While she is haughty and occasionally lightly violent to Akira, when it comes to other vampires, she would do anything for them if it meant protecting them. 

If it means she can save another vampire, then her fangs will come out.

18. Kojou Akatsuki from Strike the Blood

Kojou was just a normal human before a powerful vampire released her spirit into him due to an unknown wish he had asked for. Now, a nosebleed and some coughs serve as the herald for his vicious blood-hungry vampire side is about to come out. 

Due to the vampire that gave him her powers, he is also more powerful than other vampires.

17. Staz Charlie Blood from Blood Lad

Staz may be a powerful vampire and big shot in the demon world, but he is a complete human otaku, obsessed with human culture. 

While lazy, he should never be underestimated. He has a lot of crazed ferocity to bring to the table when he can be assed to do so.

16. Ferid Bathory from Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign

Although chatty, enthusiastic, and eccentric, Ferid is completely crazed. He often irritates others just to push them to the brink of violence. 

However, that is just a hobby, his true talents lie in his self-serving and traitorous plans.

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